Writing Mentorship

Writing Retreat Bali

1-2-1 development

As a weeklong retreat guest, you’ll receive writing mentorship and you’ll get your 30-minute 1-2-1 with your preferred writer when you get to Bali. Book your 1-2-1 when you reserve your spot on retreat. Before that, you can access pre-retreat mentoring with our faculty.

Pre-Retreat Writing Mentorship

  • Get your work reviewed
  • Receive feedback and suggestions for development
  • Progress your writing before the retreat
  • Build a portfolio – starting now
  • One-off or ongoing mentorship

Before Bali, our creative family is also on-hand to help your writing along. Ask the faculty to read your pages, assist with problems, develop a portfolio or otherwise shift your writing journey onwards and upwards. Get ahead before you arrive, so that you can make the absolute most of your retreat week. 

Writing mentorship and consultation

Help arrives in the form of phone calls, Skype, written feedback, 1-2-1 workshops or genre specific advice. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll be pleased to help you find it. Query us about a program and rates to suit you.

Improve your Book with Johanna Elomaa

Writing mentorship

Advice on structure, bettering beginnings and endings, insight into character, voice or for reading and feeding back, Johanna is available pre-Bali. Helping you slip on the right pair of writing shoes, you can cross that tricky bridge together. 

Script Development with Stephen Davis

Writing mentorship

Get one step ahead of the rest and ask Stephen to read and comment on your screenplay or story-plan. Considering plot, dialogue, character, catharsis, format and theme – to list a few – Stephen can pour 100% fresh juice into your screenwriting smoothie. 

Queries for a Correspondent with Nathan A. Thompson

Writing mentorship

Learn how to find, check the validity, plan, pitch, sell and write articles for news media. Nathan’s offering time as an added pre-bonus to your retreat experience, so latch on to some of his.

Progress your Story with Clare Fisher

Writing mentorship

Get valuable feedback on your manuscript or seek advice for your novel or short stories. Helping you find your voice, plot your hero’s journey or unpick the perfect catharsis, Clare knows what makes a darn good read.

Add Sparkle with Andy Craven-Griffiths

Writing mentorship

Develop your descriptions, realise your rhythm and fire-up the magic wordery in your poetry, lyrics, plays and performances. Andy will bring your personality right out to its sharpest, shiniest and bestest.

Go Inside with Collette Davis

Writing mentorship

A Yogi as well as a Copywriter, Collette has a wonderful generosity and clear energy. Develop a portfolio, find copywriting work, or review your writing efforts. Work with Collette and find out what you need to hit the Copywriting tip flying. 

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