Get frothy at Writing Retreat Bali

Out on this blue dot in space, inspirational writers need to be admired, and then quickly brain-sucked for everything they’ve got. Let us tap into their creative minds, steal their special powers and learn how to write dead good, like they do. 

It’s not bloody real work is it – writing. Pfff. Our dad’s got an ‘earinaid coz y ‘ad ta stand next t’ a rattlin’ printer all day wi’ nowt but a cuppa, a rollup and the promise of overtime. And t’ fact’ry wurra three-hour round-trip from ‘is ‘ouse, on a shit ol’ bike he painted himsen wi’ six gears. Naa that’s work.

Some old dude from Northern England

Our intention is to give you as much wordfood as possible so you can carbonate your creative heart and find paid work to sustain your slowly fermenting projects.

Six lively writers, who have each a special sparkle, will curate your experience to include screenwriting, novel writing, copywriting, news writing, poetry writing, all of the writing. Because, let’s face it, if you’re a writer you love words. And if you’re writing creatively, you’d probably like to have more than five bob in your back pocket. And if you’re writing commercially you might be frothing at the mouth to write odes to something other than data collection services or bi-folding patio doors.

Whether you write for work, play, or pain, to escape the husband or because you’ve a stockpile of fancy Parker pens, this retreat wants to give you the tools to get wordy and write dead good. 

Let the brain-sucking begin.

What’s Included

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