Writing Retreat Bali

How much does it cost?

There are a number of options. For the full residential retreat experience, take all seven nights with access to all workshops inclusive of breakfast, lunch, evening meal, your accommodation and your 1-2-1. Attend as an individual or you can book as a group. There’s also the option of attending the full week as a non-resident, here you’ll have access to all workshops and you’ll get lunch in the middle of the day, but you’ll arrange your own accommodation. Beyond tickets for the full week, there are opportunities to attend for individual days as a drop in guest.

For all of the available options, follow the link to our ticketing page.

Who is the retreat for?

Whatever stage of writing you’re at, this retreat hopes to give you opportunities for improvement. All we ask is that you’re serious about the craft and willing to play. There’ll be a mix of writing levels and styles. Some will be attending for basic creative writing tips. Some will be looking for opportunities to build more writing into their working lifestyle. Some will be professional writers seeking refinement. All quests are equally as valid and you are as welcome as everybody else. All workshops will be shared in English.

Do I have to be an experienced writer?

No. We ask that you’re serious about developing your craft and willing to play.

Will I have a chance to pitch my work?

If you book for the week, either as a full residential guest, or as a full week non-resident, your ticket includes a 1-2-1 with the writer of your choice from our faculty. You’re free to pitch and discuss your work and you’ll certainly receive valuable writing tips and advice. There’s also the opportunity for you to network and share your ideas with other writers on the retreat. If you’re attending as a day retreat guest only, then there is the opportunity to pre-book some dedicated time with one of our writers for an additional cost. Also check out our pre-retreat Mentorship options.

I’m a screenwriter/blogger/songwriter is this retreat for me?

Learning to access metaphor and simile in our poetry workshop will no doubt give you tools to improve the creative flair of your book, screenplay or copywrting. The whole idea of this retreat is to give writers a broad plethora of tools that transcend more than just one writing style, offering opportunities to expand your repertoire and knowledge. I’m writing a novel but I want to finesse it with poetic craft – perfect. I write poetry but I’m not sure I have the ability to plot a 75,000-word novel – perfect. I write blogs but I want to write newspaper articles too – perfect. I’ve studied story craft but I fall down in some basic writing techniques – perfect. I enjoy writing as a hobby but I’d like to learn more about how I can write and be paid – perfect. All of these examples and many more will apply to writers on the retreat.

Will I get free time to write?

Yes. Each afternoon will allow free time to write. You’ll be set a task by your workshop leader to which you can dedicate however much time you see fit. In the evening time is your own.

Do I have to do all the workshops?

No. Attend what you want and what works for you. Maybe you want to attend all six workshops, maybe just 3 or whatever takes your fancy at the time. You may find you want to spend more time reading and writing. It’s really up to you. It’s your time.

I don’t write in English. Can I still attend?

Workshops are taught in English. If you’re comfortable to receive information in English then you’ll find workshops rich in information and valuable.

How much time will I get with other writers?

If you’re a full resident for the week you can be sharing breakfast, lunch and dinner with writers and there will also be free time in the afternoons to mingle. Before and after the retreat you can also make time for further connections with attendees.

Can I book accommodation separately?

Yes. Our residential package includes accommodation at the retreat venue but you’re welcome to stay off-site if you’d prefer. If you staying off-site, you’ll be responsible for getting to and from the venue for the workshops.

What about disabled access?

We have one hut available which is accessible for a wheelchair. We can consider your enquiry on a case by case basis and we’re pleased to share information from site about the facilities that are available. Please contact us for information.

I want to stay longer / arrive early at the retreat venue. Is it possible to do that?

Yes. Subject to availability you can make arrangements to stay before or after the retreat at Bali Swasti. However, due to sleeping arrangements, this may mean that you have to move from one cabin to another when the retreat starts or after it’s finished.

Will Writing Retreat Bali be hosting any other events for guests around the retreat?

Obviously there is the chance to attend the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival which conveniently commences the day after our retreat ends. There will definitely be opportunities to attend certain events there together. Beyond that, we have some ideas for group outings, which we can discuss at a later date.

What should I bring with me?

When you sign up, you’ll receive a full welcome pack with details of what to bring, what not to bring and some other considerations for visiting Bali. Certainly you’ll want a good writing pad, pens, your swimming costume and your washbag. If you want to do yoga in the on-site shala, mats are available.

What time should I arrive and what time should I leave?

The first workshop starts on 16thOctober 2019 around 9am. All morning workshops will start at a similar time. Residential retreaters will have stayed the night on the 15thand will be ready, fresh and prepped. If you’re not staying on site, it would be best to arrive for morning workshops for 8.45am to make sure you’re checked in and set up with all you need. The last workshop is on the 21st October. Residential retreaters – unless booking for additional days at Bali Swasti – will need to check out at the latest by noon on the 22nd.

Do you offer any scholarships or grants to attend?

We offer a place for one lucky winner of our writing competition. We’re hoping to open up some places for Balinese writers in 2019 – this is under discussion. We’d welcome approaches from relevant organisations, schools or writing groups with regards to sponsored placements on the retreat. Please enquire.

Are there mosquitos?

At sunrise and sunset you’ll want to make sure you’re out of reach. Either covered, hidden away or using repellents. You’ll soon fall into the habit.

Do I need injections?

Check with your local clinic for advice.

What about plug adaptors?

Bali uses a rounded two-pin socket and plug. Bring an adapter or buy one at the airport if you’ve devices like Kindles, laptops or phones.

Is there wifi?

Bali Swasti has wifi, as do most cafes and bars around the town. Internet connection is generally decent in Bali.

Do I need a visa?

Check online. Different nationalities have different requirements. Generally, Indonesia offers 30 days on arrival for tourists. 

Shall I bring local currency?

There’s no need to bring cash as there are ATM’s at the airport and all over the island.

What is Bali belly?

It can take a while for your tummy to adapt to a new diet and travelers can often experience an upset stomach. Make sure you have some charcoal tablets and rehydration salts, just in case. Don’t drink the tap water and avoid ice in drinks. Wash all fruit and veg in bottled water and keep you hands clean.

Contact the organisers

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