Johanna Elomaa

Writing Retreat Bali

Novelist and Journalist


writing retreat bali

‘Never, ever again!’, she says. Every time.

Pouring her heart and soul into her books, Johanna really goes through the emotional mill to create meaning that resonates. With 3 published novels and cracking on with her 5thand 6th, she looks set for much success. Dive Into The Light  – tackling the 2018 Thai cave rescue – hit its third print run within weeks of finding the shelves in Finland and looks set for international publication. She swears she’ll still be on retreat in Bali, even if she’s a billionaire by the time it starts.

Johanna’s Backstory

Quitting a media job when her fist novel, Let Your Thoughts Be With The Living, won a publishing contract, she’s not looked back. Now spending her time between India and Indonesia, she claims that the writer’s life is not as romantic as some would imagine. However, we’ve never seen her far from a beach. Check out her website:

Beyond Writing

A passionate nature activist, Johanna travels annually to Borneo to support the plight of critically endangered orangutans. We’re not making this up, she really is this amazing. Support her charitable work here:

Write real novels

There’s more to writing than words on paper. It’s about the heart, the soul, the blood, the sweat and the tears. Johanna will invite you to look deeper and answer questions from within, assessing if your story really is good enough and burns a lasting truth. Get ready for some soul searching.

Dig For Meaning with Johanna Elomaa on Retreat

Johanna’s workshop is the first of the retreat. Her contemplative start promises to bring key insights to the whole conceptual underpinning of your writing process. Things will never be the same again.

Connect with your real motivations for writing a novel

Is your story good enough?

Reach the heart of your story’s message

Planning time to write a novel

Writing as the only life choice

Kill your darlings, darling

Play with time levels and chronology in to write a best-seller


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