Storytelling – 19 Oct 2019

Writing Retreat Bali

Find Your Voice

Guidance for novel writing

Know, develop and manage your writing voice. A world-class book writing workshop and a day of wordplay with Author, Clare Fisher. 

Write a novel with true voice

Play with perspectives and narrative position to understand how fiction works and how to craft winning words. Penguin published novelist, short story writer, writing teacher and editorial consultant, Clare Fisher leads Saturday. Winner of the Society of Authors Betty Trask Award in 2018 for her inspiring novel, All The Good Things, this is an opportunity to learn, play, craft and share with a real star.

How Fiction Works

Tell a story in the third-person or in the first-person, or perhaps in the second-person singular or in the first-person plural. Are you keeping up? Join us to shed light on narrative position and defining your lens.

Narrating In Reality

For the most part we’re stuck with third and first-person narration. Third-person omniscience is reliable, right? And first-person narration is unreliable, no? Challenge who knows less about who, and write accordingly. Marshall your impartiality.

Free Indirect Style

Who owns the words? In free indirect style we see things through the character’s eyes and language, but also through the author’s eyes and language too. We inhabit a gap. Explore how to use it.

Develop your skills for writing a book

Be inventive with your writing voice

Understand narrative position in story

Determine and maintain the authorial voice

Voice as a source of story

Manage and play with different perspectives in your writing

Hone your understanding of story anatomy

Take home a narrative toolkit

A Full Writers’ Week

Spanning 7 days, you’ll have the chance to hone your screenwriting craft, flourish with poetry, sell that news article and develop agency clients as a Copywriter. Check out our ticketing page to see what you can learn.

‘I think that fiction that does not acknowledge the uncertainty of the narrator himself, is a form of imposture which I find very, very difficult to take.’

W.G. Sebald


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