The writers

New Day. New Writer.

Each new day will look at a new writing specialism. From writing novels to screenplays, from tone of voice to news stories and from poems to blogs. Each writer will share a unique angle and workshops are pitched to help writing professionals as well as hobbyists.

writing retreat bali

16th Oct
Dig For Meaning
Write novels from the soul. Answer essential questions about you to write with heart, honesty, theme and meaning. 

With Novelist – Johanna Elomaa.

stephen davis screenwriter

17th Oct
Write Screen Heroes
Scripting heroic arcs. Create a character and explore their transformative arc through an eight-stage process

With Screenwriter – Stephen Davis.

Nathan A. Thomson for Writing Retreat Bali

18th Oct
Sell Your Story
How to pitch to news editors. Find a story, assess if it will sell, line up your sources, pitch it, win it and write it.

With Journalist – Nathan A. Thompson.

Clare Fisher for Writing Retreat Bali

19th Oct
Find Your Voice
Play with narrative position. Know, develop and manage your writing voice.

With Novelist- Clare Fisher. 

Writing Retreat Bali Andy Craven-Griffiths

20th Oct
Wax Lyrical
Poeticize with pizzazz. Express, intensify, evoke emotion and create style. Illustrate, titillate and lift your letters with aesthetic and rhythmic craft. 

With Poet and Performer – Andy Craven-Griffiths.

Writing Retreat Bali Collette Davis

21st Oct
Get Commercially Savvy
Write for advertising, design and branding. Learn how to receive and interrogate a brief, define a tone of voice, write across multiple channels, get work and build a portfolio.

With Copywriter – Collette Davis.


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