Clare Fisher

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Novelist and Short Story Writer


Clare Fisher author

Expecting Good Things

With Penguin published, All the Good Things (2017), Clare Fisher won the 2018 Betty Trask Award and had the novel printed across eight territories worldwide. She’s the author of short story collection, How the Light Gets In (2018) and yes, she’s deep in the fire of her next book. We can’t wait.

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Always Learning

Teaching Creative Writing at Goldsmiths College, London, she’s also wording her way through a Creative Writing PhD at the University of Leeds.

Find your Voice with Clare Fisher on retreat

Be courageous with your writing voice. Understand narrative position and use voice as a source of story. Manage and play with different perspectives and take home a toolkit. Clare has a gentle style, perfectly balanced with the rest of our writing faculty.

Play around with your writing voice

Better-understand narrative position in story

What is the authorial voice?

Use voice as a source of story

Execute different perspectives in your writing

Develop your understanding of story anatomy

Take away a narrative toolkit

Writing Mentorship with Clare

On retreat, you’ll receive a 30-minute 1-2-1 session with the writer of your choice from our tip top faculty. But why wait until October to take your writing to the next level? Book Mentorship with Clare now.


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