Poetry – 20 Oct 2019

Writing Retreat Bali

Wax Lyrical

Engage your writing with poetic flair

Express, intensify, evoke emotion and create style. Illustrate, titillate and lift your letters with aesthetic and rhythmic craft. Relish a day with professional writers and learn tips and tricks to improve your creative writing with poetic pizzazz.

Invent with poems

Glastonbury Poetry Slam Winner, UK Poetry Teacher, Musician, Playwright and BBC Radio New Voice, Andy-Craven-Griffiths will lead our writing retreat on Sunday. An opportunity to learn, play, craft and share in the magical and inspirational surroundings of Ubud.

Learn To Describe

Grasp the crafting of similes and metaphors for absolutely anything. Initiate them to titillate the senses, build them for functionality, and dream them up to paint emotional masterpieces.

Energize Your Poetic Words

Endorse verbs to carry the energy of your writing. Don’t convince your audience with mountains of superfluousness. Just choose the right doing-words from the start. Voila.

Poeticize with Specificity

Learn to rhyme without restricting your message. Understand assonance, grapple with it, and get the hang of how and where it can improve the rhythm of your penned creations.

Know Your Poetry

Understand the differences and uses of narrative poems vs list poems. Play with your own poetry and share in a safe space to help develop and finesse your art in writing.

Develop your poetry skills

Understand how to compose poetry as spoken word

Enhance other writing styles with descriptive flourishes

Written word poetry top tips

Narrative poetry and list poems explained

Improve your writing with similes and metaphors

How to rhyme effectively and articulate accurately – contemporaneously

Create memorable song lyrics

A Week with Words

Writing for 7 days, you’ll have the chance to develop your novel, hone your screenwriting craft, sell that article and develop agency clients as a Copywriter. Check out our ticketing page to see what you can learn.

‘Poetry is thoughts that breathe, and words that burn.’

Thomas Gray


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