Journalism – 18 Oct 2019

Writing Retreat Bali

Sell Your Story

Find, pitch, sell and write for journalism

A world-class journalistic workshop and a day of learning, crafting and sharing with Press Writer, Nathan A. ThompsonFind a story, assess if it will sell, line up your sources, pitch it, win it and write it.

Get the inside scoop from idea to print

Golden nuggets of industry insight in a rich and direct exposé. Journalist and Photo Journalist, Nathan A. Thompson writes news reports, features and essays for the likes of CNN, The Telegraph, VICE, The Guardian and The New York Times. Download years of concise advice from a man with real experience from the front line.

Writing Feature Journalism

Explore the organic process of uncovering a real-life story with the potential to change the world. Gauge if it’s a story you want to write, if you have quality sources ready to talk, and if a magazine or news editor will buy it. Then what?

Pitching to an Editor

Pitching is more of an art than a science. Learn from Nathan’s years of experience in finding the right editor with an enticing message at the opportune time. Know how to make your email get through the thousands of pitches they receive each week. Learn to negotiate and get expenses paid up front to travel to far flung and dangerous places. Exciting.

Gather All Of Your Resources

Line up your fixers and research. Investigate. Follow the question, “why?” all the way to top government sources and through the corridors of power. Consider the safety aspects and the ethics.

How To Structure A News Article

Understand different kinds of journalism and how to write them. Where does your story fit? Then the spotlight is on your writing. Great journalism is credible, concise and riveting. Receive structural mentorship from an industry insider.

Writing for journalism 

Uncover a news story and ask, ‘Will it sell?’

Can I write this news story? Can this news story be written?

Research your subject and consider safety and ethics in journalism

Pitching a newsworthy feature to a news publication editor

How to structure news reports and news features

Get journalistic insight into the news media industry 

Plan and discuss an idea for your own news feature

A Week of Writer Insight

Over 7 days, you’ll have the chance to develop your novel, hone your screenwriting craft, flourish your creative writing with poetry, and develop agency clients as a Copywriter. Check out our ticketing page to see how you can broaden your writing potential.

‘I became a journalist to come as close as possible to the heart of the world.’

Henry Luce


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