Screenwriting – 17 Oct 2019

Writing Retreat Bali

Write Screen Heroes

Form character and plan a screenplay to catharsis

A world-class screenwriting workshop and a day of plotting with Screenwriter, Stephen Davis. Create a character and explore their transformative arc through an eight-stage process.

A screenwriting masterclass

Begin with a blank page and write for film and TV. AFI nominated writer, Stephen Davis has five feature film credits to date. His work has played at the Toronto, Tokyo, Sydney, San Diego and Cannes film festivals. Screenwriting tutor at the AFTRS Film School in Sydney, Stephen brings a wealth of experience and reference to the retreat.

Formation of a screen hero

Begin with a blank page. Create a character and explore their transformative arc through an eight-stage process. Understand how internal flaws affect behaviour and realize how to create the perfect obstacles that reveal a character’s true essence.

Develop a hero in a screenplay

Shift your hero from being driven by want, to discovering their true need and ultimate catharsis.

Cinematic examples 

Stephen will share some of the secrets of scripts on-screen. Learn the tools and that will help you to create colourful characters and engaging stories time and time again.

Develop your screenwriting craft

Create a character for the screen

Writing screenplays for TV and film

Develop your screenwriting skills

Study the hero’s journey

How to write a script

Top screenwriting hints and tips

Plotting catharsis in film and TV scriptwriting

A Full Week of Word Witchery

Spanning 7 days, you’ll have the chance to develop your novel, flourish your writing with poetry, sell that article, and develop agency clients as a Copywriter. Check out our ticketing page to see how you can broaden your knowledge and skills as a writer.

‘Let the characters bring you there.’

Martin McDonagh


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