Copywriting – 21 Oct 2019

Writing Retreat Bali

Get Commercially Savvy

Write for advertising, design and branding

Learn how to receive and interrogate a brief, define a tone of voice, write across multiple channels, get work and build a portfolio.

Craft copy and content for studios and clients

Turn your hobby into a freelance profession that pays with our very own digital nomad, Collette Davis. Having worked as a copywriter for 15 years and run her own show for the last 8, Collette is fluent in marketing jargon, agency bullshit and what really matters when it comes to good writing and how to service clients. 

The world of advertising, branding and design

Learn about developing concepts for ad campaigns, how to articulate a brand positioning and the all important skill of writing to a tone of voice.

Take a brief and manage clients

Getting the right information and knowing how to ask the right questions is a key skill in the world of copywriting. Understand how to take a brief, interrogate a brief, what to expect and what to avoid.

Define a tone of voice

What is it? Why is it important? How does it work? Understand how to define a tone, write to a tone, flex the voice and maintain consistency. 
Key messages and storytellingGet to grips with how to draw out key messages and turn them Into brand stories.

Build a portfolio, win work and keep clients

Get started with sample briefs that you can work on, develop and turn into portfolio material. Get the low down on how to win work and get a grip on what it takes to keep your clients in an increasingly competitive marketplace. 

A Week of Professional Word Craft

Spanning 7 days, you’ve the chance to develop your novel, hone your screenwriting craft, sell that article, and flourish your writing with poetic mastery. Check out our ticketing page to consider how you can broaden your skills and contacts as a writer.

‘No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader.’

Robert Frost
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