Andy Craven-Griffiths

Writing Retreat Bali

Poet, Writer and Performer

United Kingdom


Poet and Playwright Andy

Winning poetry slams including Glastonbury, Manchester Lit Fest and Munichslam, Andy Craven-Griffiths has had his handywork broadcast on TV and on BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio 4. Published in poetry journals, he’s also one of BBC Radio 3’s Verb New Voices. In 2018, he wrote and produced his first play, Joygernaut, and he’s currently neck-deep in a Creative Writing PhD.

Educating Andy

As an educator, Andy’s written a chapter for the Bloomsbury book, Making Poetry Happen, created stop motion animations for Oxford University Press and hosted writing workshops for over 35,000. Visit Andy’s poetry website here:

Rock and Roll Andy

With Middleman, he’s toured internationally, played live sessions for Radio 1, 6 Music, and XFM, and had music synchronized widely (NBA2K11, Channel 4, Channel 5). Whatever that means.

Wax Lyrical with Andy Craven-Griffiths on retreat

Engage your writing with poetic flair. On retreat, Andy will help you get inventive. Articulate, embolden, emotify (we know) and finesse your craft. Illustrate, titillate and elevate your words with aesthetic and rhythmic ingenuity.

Join Andy and the rest of the faculty in Bali

Relish valuable time with professional writers. Grapple tips and tricks that will stick poetic pizzazz right up the backside of your wordic wranglings. Be there, or be somewhere less exciting, frankly.

How to compose poetry as spoken word

Enhance other writing styles with poetic magic

Page poetry top tips

Narrative poetry vs list poems, there’s only one way to find out…

Decorate your words with similes and metaphors

Continue rhyming effectively whilst articulating accurately 

Craft unforgettable song lyrics

Writing Mentorship with Andy

On retreat, you’ll receive a 30-minute 1-2-1 session with the writer of your choice from our tip top faculty. But why wait until October to take your writing to the next level? Book Mentorship with Andy now.


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