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Firing edgy articles for the New York Times, CNN and The Telegraph from his mighty pen-sword, Journalist, Nathan A. Thompson is never far from a nerve-jangling story. Currently balls-deep in his first warts-and-all novel, we caught up with Nathan in Cambodia where he lives with his wife, back-pack and trusty Nikon. In our chinwag, Nathan dropped his top tips for Journalist input.

Thanks Nathan. Here we go.

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Bad News; Last Journalists in a Dictatorship

Anjan Sundaram


The battle for free-speech in modern-day Rwanda. Powerful and shocking, this is an important book describing the stifling atmosphere of a nation trapped in the grips of totalitarian fear.

Great book. It shows how journalism can shine a light on issues even when those issues are an assault against journalism itself. Written by a friend of mine, who was training journalists in Ruwanda, it is a journey through a landscape darkened by a prolonged assault against freedom of speech. It reveals how far authoritarian governments will go to control the press and, in doing so, reveals how important the role of a free press is in protecting truth and human rights. 

Nathan A. Thompson

Hell’s Angels; A Strange and Terrible Saga

Hunter S. Thompson

Rip-roaring writing.

An example of how journalism is totally compatible with great writing. Thompson was one of the greatest stylists of the 20thCentury and was originally a reluctant  journalist as it was seen as the “lesser calling.” But he decided to go down that road anyway and proved that the great writing and journalism can co-exist. This book is a rip-roaring trip through the outlaw motorcycle gangs of 1960s California and is some of the best longform journalism ever written.

Nathan A. Thompson

A Mad World, My Masters; Tales from a Traveller’s Life

John Cody Fidler-Simpson

Looking good on the boat, John.

A collection of anecdotes from Simpson’s 40 years as BBC correspondent all over the world. Let’s face it, no-one becomes a journalist who doesn’t have a taste for adventure and going to dangerous and far-flung places and Simpson embodies this. From being punched by the Austrian Prime Minister to witnessing the bombing of Belgrade, Simpson recounts his adventurous life with candour, wit and quality prose. 

Nathan A. Thompson

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