Book Recommendations for Fiction Writers

Book Recommendations for Fiction Writers

With Penguin published, All the Good Things(2017), Clare Fisher won the 2018 Betty Trask Award and had the novel printed across eight territories worldwide. She’s the author of short story collection, How the Light Gets In(2018) and yes, she’s deep in the fire of her next book.

We can’t wait, Clare.

Clare Fisher for Writing Retreat Bali

Before Writing Retreat Bali, Clare tells us what books she recommends.

Get stuck in to some of her favourites.

James Wood
How Fiction Works 

Consider the machinery of storytelling. From Flaubert to Homer and from the Bible to your own work. What makes a telling detail and how do we really know a character? This is a favourite book of Clare’s that she recommends time and time again to budding writers.

Zadie Smith
On Beauty

Why do we fall in love with the people we do? Why do we visit our mistakes on our children? What makes life truly beautiful? Zadie has the answers. Thanks for the tip, Clare.

Zadie Smith

A quietly devastating coming-of-age tragicomedy. Council estate shenanigans in the North-West of London. Getting out of the ghetto ain’t easy, folks.

Lydia Davis
The End of the Story

An aching love story. As floating memories of a younger, lost love fade, a woman becomes a stalker and a voyeur. Lucid fiction as catharsis in this, Davis’s first novel. Dreamy.

Ali Smith
How to Be Both

Playfully brilliant: just the way we like it at WRB. Shortlisted for the Booker Prize and telling more than one story at once. Complex, touching and inventive. Yes please.

Jennifer Egan
A Visit From the Goon Squad

Category defying and cleverly linked short stories told in different styles and tones. Intimate lives crack open for the reader. Grab it for your Kindle.

Claire-Louise Bennett

Twenty stories about strange things that happen when you live alone. Replace parts of a cooker. Eat fruit. Wonder if that woman thinks she’s Jesus. All the important stuff covered here.  Darkly funny and deeply moving.

Stephen Kellman
Pigeon English 

Don’t believe Clare? Watch the online trailer…

Find your Voice with Clare Fisher at Writing Retreat Bali

15 – 22 October 2019 – Ubud

Be courageous with your writing voice. Understand narrative position and use voice as a source of story. Manage and play with different perspectives and take home a toolkit. A very insightful workshop.

Clare has a gentle style, perfectly balanced with the rest of our writing faculty who’ll lead you through screenwriting, copywriting, poetry and journalism over a week in the jungle.

Click here to find out more about Clare’s workshop at WRB.

Visit Clare’s website here:

Writing Retreat Bali Homepage

Seriously playful wordfood. 15- 22 October Ubud, Bali

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